Just a few facts about me, Marcel Zurreck:

  • Born 1984 in Germany
  • Lives in Switzerland since 2006
  • Olympus user (from FT to µFT)
  • Hobby programmer (PHP, CSS, AJAX, JS, Perl, Objective-C, … too much to write down and also the list grows steady – I have to learn what I need!)
  • Electronic enthusiast
  • Apple user (+Hackintosh to fit my needs)

Have a look at eat vegan rocks! – that’s my vegan recipes blog.

Check out my photography work on Flickr or 500px and my spherical panoramas at Roundme.

2010 I started with macro photography, years after my first photo. Getting the best photo out of an object takes about 1/2 till to an hour – depends on the object. Get up early, carrying a lot of equipment through thicket and cold temperatures belongs also to it. Of course including endurance and rest.

Macro photography gives me an awesome view to a new world. Doing so changed my live – positively.