A fresh OS X El Capitan 10.11.3 install on my new Hackintosh broke my well working SSH key based authentication (passwordless). I wasn’t able to connect from a remote systen to my OS X system without getting asked for the password. Before this I created a key based login to the OS X system without any negative feedback. So what the hell is wrong?

To figure out the problem I debugged SSH with the -v option on the remote where I tried to connect to my Hackintosh.

ssh -v USERNAME@example.com

Between all the debug messages I found a very useful information:

debug1: Remote: Ignored authorized keys: bad ownership or modes for directory /Users/USERNAME

Well, this line tells enough. I had to fix the permissions of the /Users/USERNAME folder.

chmod 700 /Users/USERNAME

chmod 700 grants full permissions to the owner, but group and others cannot access it. That’s fine!
Problem solved for me :-)